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Rest In Peace
August 25, 1950 — February 25, 2017
Al Heidemann
Pianos, Organ, Synthesizer, Accordion
Al Heidemann
Between the end of WW2 and 1950 there was every kind of music imaginable at any given time on the Top 20 A.M. Radio charts and Jukeboxes.
I wasnt born until 1950, but the seeds were already sewn. Mom was a DJ, Her dad was a Big Band Leader and her brother an aspiring Jazz Pianist.
By the time I was born, there was a maintained collection of never less than 500 78 rpm records in the house. Thats 1000 sides.
I memorized the labels on them before I could read. I'd wear the records out and mom would bring home more.
When I was 4 or 5 I saw JoAnne Castle for the first time on the Lawrence Welk show playing the Accordion , Flight of the Bumblebee with her right hand and this impossible " Boogie Woogie" thing with her left.
Melody, Bass and Chords all on this box strapped on. I was IN LOVE!
In 1957 I placed second in Milwaukee at the Wis. state Accordion festival among 500 student contestants.
Dizzy Fingers at age 10, and Trieste Overture at 12.
Then came Rock and Roll, and with Accordion teachers getting harder to find, I woodshedded the Bass and Hammond Organ thinking maybe I'd be more marketable one day.
Then came Middle and Highschool. I had crooked teeth back then,so Horns weren't in the cards so Drums and Percussion in the High School band rounded things out.
The first serious road gig was 1966 in High school with Eddie and the Calientys,Cynthia and the Soul Asylum after that.Then came a band called Sound Corporation, after which,
In 1970 or so, I found myself working with our present day Bass Player Steve Gundlach in a band called Pride Street.
Moondance was my 70's Piano gig,(they are still playing),Studying College level music theory and the American Flyer Band in the 80's.
The 90's was the Dry Bean house band, Neon Cactus after that,Swing West followed and then finally Rachelle in1995.
Then in 2000, I joined up with Brent Clausons Dinner Theater Music Show in Coloma ,Wis.and still do that during the week, playing ALL of the instuments Ive learned.
Favoite Pianist, Art Tatum
Favorite Organist, Virgil Fox
Favorite Accordionist, Richard Galliano
Favorite Guitarist, Angello DeBarre
Favorite Drummer, Buddy Rich
Favorite Bassist, Richard Davis
Favorite Vocalist,K.D.Lang
Favorite influencial Band most people can relate to, Little Feat
I could go on and on.......
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